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The story of VisionJar

Life usually never turns out the way we thought it would. That’s how the founder of VisionJar ended up reading two sets of news every day, working on two continents and twisting her head to make sense of it all. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and one of the initial partners of a world renowned communication agency she ended up in living in California and working in Europe ranking up the frequent flier miles and collecting trends from two different worlds. This life led to the insight that those long flights actually were at the core to see the world from above with dual eyeglasses. When you are home but away at the same time you get a unique perspective to observe the world.

Today VisionJar Inc is an international insight and communication agency who helps organizations understand and utilize trends, innovations and ideas, particularly in US. We provide our clients with trend analysis and allocation of knowledge converted into usable insights and strategic advice.

Our mission is to find the best answers and our values are based on curiosity and passion to infinity and beyond!

The company is based out of Northern California but with a solid ground in Scandinavia, merging two unique perspectives: The US with its huge market and innovation power and Scandinavia with its small market and high grade of tech innovation.

Now – what about that name…?

The word “vision” can be a noun (the state of being able to see) or a verb (imagine). So – we’ve filled our very own jar with our vision – imagine what we will be able to see!

JOHANNA REHNVALL is the founder of VisionJar and was born curious. She has helped international organizations understand the world by identifying critical trends and issues and developing new solutions and models for communication strategies and communication research for almost 18 years. She is also the founder of the communication design agency Presentitude.

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Why VisionJar?

  • VisionJar has a unique blend of international & US insights
  • VisionJar combines research, analytics & strategic business communication

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