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Where do we look for trends, innovations and ideas?

How do we track how the media evolution is developing, how new tech will help us with our lives, how lifestyles are changing? We find our insights using multiple sources:


SURVEYS & RESEARCH: We divulge in scientific studies on media, tech, retail, lifestyle and the future and follow surveys on different related areas to keep up to date.

MEDIA SCANNING: We scan media sources daily to still our curiosity– magazines, newspapers, books, TV, radio, podcasts, streaming media.

EVENTS & SEMINARS: We are constantly attending events and conferences on different topics and issues, meeting and talking to other experts and specialists.

SOCIAL MEDIA We read blogs, communicate on Twitter and follow organizations on Facebook to pick up on what’s going on in the world.

LIVE OBSERVATIONS: We do live observations from everyday life, what happens on the streets, what are people wearing, doing.

LIFESTYLE & CONSUMERISM: We follow the latest TV-shows, visit the new stores and try the latest consumer trends ourselves.


Why VisionJar?

  • VisionJar has a unique blend of international & US insights
  • VisionJar combines research, analytics & strategic business communication

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