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VisionJar offers comprehensive communication consulting to help yous organizations understand, utilize and communicate trends, innovations and ideas. A few of our services are listed below.


CONSULTING: VisionJar can help your organization use trends and business intelligence better, transform it to knowledge that can be used internally – and externally. We manage your projects from start to finish.

RESEARCH/FACTS: VisionJar conducts research and fact searching projects – providing in-depth analysis of areas of study using business intelligence tools and media scanning.

IDIs/FOCUSGROUPS: VisionJar provides interview, IDIs, focus groups and workshop moderating services – from interview guides, monitoring, summarizing and conclusions.

STUDY TOURS: VisionJar plans and organizes study tours to the US – providing groups with a detailed program, meeting points, summarizing workshops as well as hands-on support during travel.

SPEAKING/LECTURING: VisionJar regularly speaks on topics such as future and innovations, the new media development, tech trends and communication.

VIDEOCASTS: VisionJar has a fully equipped studio and can broadcast from the US live to meetings, seminars, workshops with insights and comments.

ARTICLES/WHITEPAPERS: VisionJar can help you condense strategic insights into articles, reports or as a whitepaper to be distributed in print, online or electronically.

COMMUNICATION DESIGN: VisionJar can help you transform and design your information to better communicate to your audiences – presentations, documents, screencasts.

VisionJar cooperates with other agencies and freelancers that might contribute a specific local and specialized perspective or skill as well as with market research providers for interview and focus groups recruiting and providing focus groups facilities in targeted areas.

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  • VisionJar has a unique blend of international & US insights
  • VisionJar combines research, analytics & strategic business communication

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