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How will we help solve your challenges?

Every organization’s challenges are unique and different and need individual solutions. To help guide the process, VisionJar uses an overall 6-step work process, individually adjusted for every client.


SCANNING & IDENTIFICATION: VisionJar scans the topic and the issues (trends, behaviors, lifestyle, innovation etc) that affect it. The scanning results in a gross list of issues that are deemed strategically important.

RANKING & SELECTION: The identified issues are ranked and, if needed, a strategic selection of the issues is made in collaboration with the client.

FIELDWORK & COLLECTION  Based on the strategic selection, we go in-depth and do additional fieldwork on the selected issues, gather insights and collects observations through research and interviews.

CONCLUSION & CONSEQUENCES: The insights and observations of the different issues on the topic are analyzed and the consequences of them are defined – as is the strategic and operative next steps.

REPORT & PRESENTATION: The final insights will be summarized in a report in a chosen format (presentation, white paper, report) and the insights will be presented – either by VisionJar or prepared for the client to present to her/his constituencies.

CLOSING & EVALUATION: Evaluation is at the core of our process – we always close our projects by evaluating the content of our work, the strategic advice as well as the project management.


Why VisionJar?

  • VisionJar has a unique blend of international & US insights
  • VisionJar combines research, analytics & strategic business communication

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